Home News CNN Host REVEALS Media’s Failures… We NEVER Thought We’d Hear THIS!

CNN Host REVEALS Media’s Failures… We NEVER Thought We’d Hear THIS!

CNN Host REVEALS Media’s Failures… We NEVER Thought We’d Hear THIS!

One of mainstream media’s own has called out fellow journalists for participating in a “mass delusion” while covering the presidential election.

Mainstream media has been thrashed from almost every angle following Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s historic upset defeat of Hillary Clinton. Such criticism is deserved, according to Brian Stelter Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

Watch the video here:


From Breitbart:

Tuesday night was the culmination of one of the biggest media failures in many years. Most journalists heading into Tuesday night believing Hillary Clinton would be elected president at the end of the night. And most viewers had the same impression. You can see in this pre- election data most viewers, most Americans believed Clinton would win.

They were all wrong, and the media was much to blame.

But chalking all of this up to a surprise victory is not enough. This was a collective failure — a failure of imagination. In some ways, a mass delusion. And the media contributed to it.

It’s such a catastrophic failure of the media that most people can’t trust journalism anymore. Too many special interests and too much bias have been exposed during this campaign.

I know that some of you watching right now are having a very hard time trusting this channel and every other news source. So, we on the other side of the screen over here have to reckon with that, not just for a week or two but for the long term.

Others of you feel like journalism is completely irrelevant now. Still, others of you feel like the media bias tilted the race in one direction or the other. Many of you are wondering who and what you can trust.

If mainstream media wants to regain any trust in the public they must immediately stop supporting only liberals. Progressives, liberals, leftists and Democrats are not always correct. Nor are they always truthful or honest.


This election has shown them all as incorrect, dishonest and untrustworthy. Their secrets and deceit are almost as monumental as Trump’s victory.

If the media wants back on the good side to the public, then be journalists and not propagandists.


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