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CNN Is Not Happy With Their Poll Results

CNN Is Not Happy With Their Poll Results

You know the people at CNN are not happy, despite Mueller, despite the drumbeat of Stormy Daniels the Presidents approval rating has gone up.

According to CNN, the President’s approval rating is 42% other outlets have had him in the upper forties; you can read the details of the CNN poll here.

Now for the good stuff. CNN found that two-thirds believe the affair allegations, however, Trump’s approval rating is up seven points from CNN’s last poll. So despite all the talk about Stormy Daniels, it is actually working for the President, not against him. At the very worst the Stormy Daniels story is having no effect at all on the President politically, CNN reports:


the turmoil does not seem to have negatively affected Trump’s overall approval rating, the public expresses sharp doubts about Trump’s side of the story on the affair allegations, rates Trump’s Cabinet and top advisers as generally less qualified and less in touch than previous presidential appointees, and hasn’t moved much on questions of Trump’s character.

Almost two-thirds of Americans say they believe the women alleging affairs with Trump over the president (63% say so), while just 21% say they believe Trump’s denials of those affairs. And about half (51%) say the two women pursuing lawsuits seeking to free themselves from non-disclosure agreements relating to any relationship they may have had with Trump ought to be free to discuss those alleged relationships.

There are party and gender divides on both questions. Women are more apt than men to say they believe the women claiming affairs (70% to 54%) and that holds even among those who are Republicans or lean toward the Republican party (45% of women who consider themselves GOP or lean that way say they believe the women compared with just 25% of GOP and GOP-leaning men). Democrats are far more apt than Republicans to say the women should be free from their NDAs (78% among Democrats, 49% among independents and 25% among Republicans say so), and while women break in favor of allowing the women to discuss their relationships (59% say they should be free to discuss them, 34% say that the agreements should remain in place), men tilt the opposite way (48% say the agreements should hold and 43% say that they should be free to discuss their relationships).

On the President’s character, Trump has made some improvements since November lows on a range of attributes, but most remain in negative territory. Majorities say he cannot bring the kind of change the country needs (52%) and that he won’t unite the country (60%). About six in 10 say they don’t see him as honest and trustworthy (59%), that they are not proud to have him as president (59%), and that he does not respect the rule of law (58%). Most also say Trump does not care about people like them (56%).

So there you have it even CNN had to report that their own poll reveals that the constant drumbeat from Stormy Daniels and company has had zero effect on the President. They even had to report that his character rating went up…LOL!


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