Home News CNN slashes its staff as ratings plunge into the abyss

CNN slashes its staff as ratings plunge into the abyss

CNN slashes its staff as ratings plunge into the abyss

Employees at CNN fear for their jobs as the network is cutting down on its staffers, just as they move into their luxurious new headquarters, according to Fox News.

“Over 100 CNN employees have already decided to accept a voluntary buyout option, with CNN International executive vice president Tony Maddox among the staffers departing the ratings-challenged network after 21 years at the company,” Fox News reported.

The network has confirmed the rumors about the buyouts after employees heard rumors of mass layoffs.

“There are no mass layoffs at CNN. I have no idea where that crazy rumor came from. We have recently offered a voluntary buyout option for employees, and just over 100 people voluntarily decided to take it. That’s it,” executive vice president Allison Gollust told Fox News.

“‎We have nearly 4,000 people at CNN… and around 100 of them exercised the option for a program that was offered. That’s it. Those are the facts.”

According to Cable news watchdog Scott Jones, rumor has it that CNN plans to cut roughly 300 jobs at the cable news giant and that layoffs are emanated, if more of the employees don’t accept the buyout option.

As the network moves to what Fox News called its “shiny new address” employees told Fox that the move was a welcome distraction.

“CNN began broadcasting this week from the network’s new facility in the Hudson Yards area on the West Side of Manhattan. The brand-new, state-of-the-art headquarters is part of a luxurious complex that also features condominiums which start at $4.3 million, high-end restaurants and stores such as Cartier, Rolex, Louis Vuitton and Neiman Marcus,” Fox News reported.

However, the new facilities may not be reflective of success, as April found CNN to be down across many of its demographics, and the network finished at number 15 on basic cable, behind networks like Hallmark Channel, History and Food Network.


CNN’s Brian Stelter was mocked when he addressed the buyouts on Twitter.

“There’s a rumor making the rounds today about big impending layoffs at CNN. A CNN spokeswoman is knocking it down on the record: ‘No layoffs.’ There WERE voluntary buyouts throughout the organization, and about 100 people opted for it,” Stelter wrote in his tweet.


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