Home News BREAKING: Hillary Was To WIN Popular Vote… Now EVERYTHING Is Changing! -WOW

BREAKING: Hillary Was To WIN Popular Vote… Now EVERYTHING Is Changing! -WOW


In the latest from CNN, Donald Trump is projected to be the winner of the Popular Vote is Donald Trump.

Although Hillary Clinton was favored to win not only the electoral College Vote and the Popular Vote, it appears that she shall win neither.

With still more votes to tally, while the numbers show Hillary in the lead, in actuality, when it is over, Donald Trump will have won the popular vote, even if it is by a hair. Take a look:


This does not sit well with many Democrats. Michael Moore, for example, will claim that Hillary won the popular vote. As The Washington Post reported, Moore wrote this piece of advice for all those who can’t stand the thought of a Trump presidency on his Facebook page.

You must say this sentence to everyone you meet today: ‘HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE!’ “The MAJORITY of our fellow Americans preferred Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Period. Fact. If you woke up this morning thinking you live in an effed-up country, you don’t. The majority of your fellow Americans wanted Hillary, not Trump.

Democrats, reeling from the political slap in the face that was the 2016 election, are looking for a way to save face and turn the narrative into “we actually won.” I can’t blame them, if it had been the other way, Republicans would be looking for a way to pick up the pieces as well.

Despite the results, the outrage on the losing side is there and it is being shown, with protests erupting across the country. And, this just shows, that we have a lot of healing to do, and a lot of work to be done. Let’s hope that President-Elect Trump is up to the task.








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