Home News Pro-Clinton ‘GOP’ Commentator LOSES IT After Trump Wins… Look What She Did!

Pro-Clinton ‘GOP’ Commentator LOSES IT After Trump Wins… Look What She Did!


Crying over the lost election continues among liberals and their supporters.

A political commentator from CNN, cried over her claims president-elect Donald Trump would seek vengeance against all minorities.

She forgot to cry after watching the news showing liberals and Hillary Clinton supporters vandalizing cities across America. So weak are these leftists they can only cry or turn violent with they don’t get their way.

From The Daily Caller:

If she’s not careful, CNN political commentator Ana Navarro may wind up in President-elect Donald Trump‘s Rosie O’Donnell category.

The Daily Caller questioned whether Navarro really wants an all out war of words with the new POTUS. The Daily Caller pointed out Navarro has consistently been anti-Trump. CNN repeatedly described her as a friend to Jeb Bush until his presidential campaign tanked. Then she was a friend of Marco Rubio, until his campaign also went south.

She just couldn’t find a worthy GOP candidate so she turned as left as she could while on CNN.

During the campaign, Navarro was especially incensed by Trump’s negativity toward Mexicans and women. She also had no problem hurling the word “pussy” at Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes, repeating Trump’s own words to his paid CNN pundit.

The sincerity of Navarro’s pity party was questioned by on social media. She received no empathy from Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington who challenged her petty pain.


Navarro is a classic left-loving journalist. She didn’t get her way so now she’s crying and whining about the unfairness of an election process she screamed wat totally fair to all.

Instead of accepting defeat graciously – as Democrats called upon Trump and the GOP electorate to do – the left turns to verbal and physical violence.

It’s like watching a nation full of cry-baby, spoiled toddlers who can’t get something they didn’t’ earn and don’t deserve.


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