Home Politics CNN’s Ana Navarro About President Trump: “He Was A Coward!”

CNN’s Ana Navarro About President Trump: “He Was A Coward!”

CNN’s Ana Navarro About President Trump:  “He Was A Coward!”

In light of the violent protests that occurred this past weekend, President Trump decided to cut his vacation short and head to the White House to personally assist with the matter. However, some people don’t believe he is doing enough to curb this ignorant white nationalism.

On Monday’s showing of CNN’s “Newsroom,” Republican political commentator Ana Navarro stated that President Trump was unfit to be president and “unfit to be human.” Her remarks came after Trump’s initial reaction to the events in Charlottesville, VA.

Navarro states the following on CNN:

“At a moment when the country so badly needed to hear from the president of the United States about healing and unity and condemning white supremacy and condemning racism and condemning neo-nazis, he was a coward. He didn’t have the spine to behave like a leader of the United States. And I feel that is shameful. I’m glad the Republican leaders are calling him out on it. I’m glad elected leaders in the Republican party are finally, finally stopping looking the other way and confronting the fact he’s not only unfit to be president. In my book, his lack of empathy, his lack of leadership, his lack of courage, he’s unfit to be human.”

Navarro continued her frustration saying the following:

“Look; he had an opportunity. He’s had two days. He’s had more than two days to address this, and he has failed to do so. To do so now under duress because of public perception, because of public pressure thank you, buddy. I really don’t need it. I think it’s spiritual leaders, I think it’s the governors, I think it’s the other elected leaders, I think it’s U.S. citizens, I think it’s regular people who need to step-up. And we need to be the ones that unify and heal ourselves because the president of the United States is a shameful nincompoop incapable of doing it on his own.”

Charlottesville media also think he didn’t act aggressive enough in his handling of condemning those involved. But if Trump was to handle this situation in his usual harsh tone, media would almost definitely get upset at him for that as well.

What do you think about Trump’s recent statements on the riots in Charlottesville? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: Breitbart | You Tube


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