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CNN’s Chris Cuomo has had enough of Pelosi’s strategy

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has had enough of Pelosi’s strategy

CNN’s Chris Cuomo lashed out at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in an uncharacteristic departure from the left’s “no wall” platform.

Cuomo made an appearance on “CNN Tonight With Don Lemon” on Wednesday and pointed blame for the problems with the government budget at Pelosi’s refusal to negotiate in any way for a border wall.

The CNN host said that he believed the “men and women who keep us safe” when they say that we need more barriers, and Cuomo believes that Pelosi should as well.

“Look, here’s the reality. You’ve got barriers along that thing all over the place. They need more. I believe the men and women who keep us safe and their assessment that barriers help and they need more of it. So the Democrats should say, ‘Fine. More barriers. Okay. Let’s talk about where, how much and why,’ not, ‘No wall, not a dollar for your damn wall.’ Don’t say that because you don’t mean it and it puts you in a hole.”

At one point in the interview when Lemon referred to President’s rhetoric regarding the wall as “BS” Cuomo agreed with his fellow host.

“I have no problem with that assessment,” Cuomo said, responding to Lemon’s claim that Trump’s rhetoric on the wall is “all B.S.”

Cuomo did, however, disagree that the wall is the only piece of a border security puzzle needed for safety. Cuomo characterized that belief as “disruptive” and “delusional.”

“When someone says it, say, well, that was already in the works,” Lemon added. “That is part of deals that were made years and decades ago. That’s what we were doing, and we will continue to do that, and we can make it better. But we should not sit here and pretend that there have been no efforts in the past to build a barrier on the southern border.”


“I agree,” responded Cuomo. “But the Democrats put themselves in a hole when they say no money for the wall. They’re not giving themselves credit for the money they have put in, for what is really the wall, for the fencing. So there’s politics at play on both sides, but the president put us in a shutdown. He pushed it too far.”


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