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Co-founder of Twitter Apologized To America

Co-founder of Twitter Apologized To America

The co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams, recently apologized for the role Twitter may have played in getting Donald Trump elected President of the United States. In an interview Williams gave to The New York Times, the Twitter co-founder discussed the claim Trump made in March to Fox News that “I think that maybe I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Twitter.”

In the New York Times interview that was published on Saturday, Williams said, “It’s a very bad thing, Twitter’s role in that. If it’s true that he wouldn’t be president if it weren’t for Twitter, then yeah, I’m sorry.”

Much to the chagrin of the president’s advisers, President Trump is standing firm in his belief that Twitter enables him to bypass the media which he considers to be “enemy number one.” In that same Fox News interview, Trump told Tucker Carlson that he has “my own form of media,” boasting his 100 million social media followers. The president has nearly 30 million followers on his personal Twitter account, and there are an additional 17 million people who follow the official @POTUS account. Trump’s advisers and aides recently rallied around the commander-in-chief to warn him about cutting back his use of Twitter. The Wall Street Journal reported that those around the president challenged that his tweets could “paint him into a corner” both politically and legally.

Maybe the president getting “painted into a corner” will be the only comfort for the regretful co-founder of Twitter, Evan Williams. Until then, he will have to live with the reality that his social media giant paved the way for our present president.

What do you think about the regret that the co-founder of Twitter has expressed?


Credit: The Hill


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