Home National News Congressional Expert: North Korea Using Nukes To Distract From This Type of Serious Attack

Congressional Expert: North Korea Using Nukes To Distract From This Type of Serious Attack

Congressional Expert: North Korea Using Nukes To Distract From This Type of Serious Attack

The world has been focusing on North Korea’s constant missile tests and nuclear program but could they be wrong? Could North Korea be using these as a distraction for a much worse weapon? According to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, North Korea may be secretly building an EMP that would decimate United States electronics.

Dr. Pry speaks from his experience as executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission. When explaining his theory on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, Pry explains that North Korea has two satellites orbiting the United States at the perfect path for an EMP attack:

“They are positioning themselves as sort of a nuclear missile age, cyberage version of the battleship diplomacy in my view. So that they can always have one of them (satellites) very close to being over the United States or over the United States.”

“Then if a crisis comes up and if we decide to attack North Korea, Kim Jong Un can threaten our president and say, ‘Well, don’t do that because we are going to burn your whole country down.’ Which is basically what he said. I mean, he has made threats about turning the United States into ashes and he connected the satellite program to this in public statements to deter us from attacking.”

“If you wanted to win a New Korean war,” added Pry, “one of the things you would certainly consider doing is taking out the United States homeland itself.”

Dr. Pry also backs his theory saying that the North may be using a plan developed by the Soviet Union. The plan was created during the Cold War to surprise the U.S. with an EMP attack that would render the U.S. military useless. Pry went on to explain the soviet’s plan saying:

During the Cold War, the Russians had a secret weapon they called a fractional orbital bombardment system. And the idea was to make a surprise EMP attack against the United States by disguising a warhead as a satellite. Because a satellite trajectory is different from an ICBM trajectory that is aiming to go into a city. You know, for accuracy on an ICBM you launch it on a lower energy, 45-degree angle that follows a classic ballistic trajectory. Like a rifle. To land your missile on a city.

But if you put a satellite in orbit it follows a different trajectory. It doesn’t have accuracy, but it puts the satellite up there so that it stays in permanent orbit, so it looks different in terms of the trajectory. And guys watching their radar screens tend not to get alarmed when they see a missile being launched on that satellite trajectory. Because they assume it is for peaceful purposes.

So, the idea was to put a nuclear weapon on a satellite. Launch it on a satellite trajectory toward the south, so it is also flying away from the United States. Orbit it over the South Pole and come up on the other side of the earth so that it approaches us from the south.

Because we didn’t during the Cold War and even today we still don’t have ballistic missile early radar warnings looking south. We don’t have any national missile defenses to the south. We are blind and defenseless to the south. We can’t see anything coming from that direction. Then when this gets over the United States, you light it off so that it does an EMP attack.

The plan, Dr. Pry says, was “paralyzing” U.S. military and to then take out the U.S. with a series of long-range missiles. But North Korea is many years behind the Soviets. In fact, according to Dr. Pry, North Korea “doesn’t have enough missiles or sophisticated missiles to blow up our missile bases and bomber bases. What they seem to be doing with the satellites is the EMP part of the Soviet plan.”


It’s assumed that North Korea would use the EMP to knock out civilian infrastructure including transportation and communication. Crippling these things could send America into a mass panic, but it still leaves North Korea with, what next?

Do you think this is North Korea’s plan? Or do you even think North Korea is smart enough to pull this off?

Credit: Breitbart


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