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Could Mueller Deliver Reports on Obstruction of Justice in June or July?

Could Mueller Deliver Reports on Obstruction of Justice in June or July?

Robert Mueller’s investigation has multiple layers. He is investigating Russian campaign activities and the possibility of Trump campaign collusion, and he is also investigating possible obstruction of justice by the Trump team. Most believe that he will give final reports on his findings in stages, as reported recently by the Washington Post. 

What hasn’t been reported is a possible timeline from the Mueller team. Reporter Robert Costa, who co-wrote the recent Post story, saved that detail for MSNBC:

Now people are wondering if it is possible that Mueller is going to issue a report that asserts the president committed obstruction of justice around 12 weeks or so before the midterms elections this Fall.

A “Hot Air” reporter said this about that outcome:

“If that happens, all hell will break loose. Trump might try to fire Mueller immediately, arguing that because his conclusions on obstruction are dubious, his conclusions on Russia and collusion will surely be dubious too. So he’ll drop the axe, Ryan and McConnell will run for cover, and Democrats will scream that a constitutional crisis is afoot. Even if Trump doesn’t fire Mueller and takes the report in stride, a finding that obstruction occurred will create a mushroom cloud over the midterms. To the extent that November wasn’t already set to be a direct referendum on Trump’s first two years in office, an adverse determination by Mueller will make it so. The election will become a struggle over impeachment, with Democratic voters swarming the polls to install a House that’ll nuke Trump and Republicans swarming the polls to prevent that outcome. Total hysteria.”

Wednesday night on CNN, Trey Gowdy encouraged the president to interview with Mueller. Watch this clip and let us know what you think about this former prosecutor’s advice.


Credit: Hot Air


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