Home National News Court Documents Reveal Trump Dirty Deals In Russia. Could This Be the ‘Smoking Gun’?

Court Documents Reveal Trump Dirty Deals In Russia. Could This Be the ‘Smoking Gun’?

Court Documents Reveal Trump Dirty Deals In Russia. Could This Be the ‘Smoking Gun’?

To expand his real estate development opportunities, Donald Trump and his associates reached out to wealthy Russian investors: many of which are reportedly tied to Russian organized crime. You can read about that here from Progressive Liberal.

Court documents (YOU CAN READ HERE) link President Trump to no less than ten wealthy former Soviet investors with ties to organized crime and money laundering operations.  Among them is a twice-convicted felon imprisoned for stabbing a man, an investor accused of laundering over $50 million in a money laundering scheme, and three other individuals who own Trump condos in Florida and New York.

Such connections are of great interest to the FBI as they conduct an investigation into possible election based interference between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russian operatives. Additionally, Trump and his companies have business dealings that are decades old with the Russians, raising additional concerns about possible influence based on business considerations.

Trump has told reporters that he had no dealings with Russia and no deal that could take place in Russia.  However, after addressing potential investors in Moscow during 2013, Trump bragged about his access to the wealthy and powerful of Russia, saying, “I have a great relationship with the rich and powerful people of Russia.”

Per New York real estate broker, Dolly Lenz, she sold 65 condos in Trump World to Russian investors, many of which spent time with Trump to seek his business expertise.  The concern law enforcement has is that the super wealthy of Russia are commonly suspected of corrupt business practices.   Former United States prosecutor Ken McCallion, and Steven Hall, a former CIA chief of Russian operations revealed this in the following statement:

“Anyone who is in a position of power in Russia came into such because Vladimir Putin or somebody in power saw a reason to give them that particular job.  All the organized crime figures have deep connections and are tied to the government.”

President Trump has not been accused of wrongdoing based on an alleged relationship with Russian investors. Yet, the deals and a large number of Russians who bought condos in Trump buildings bring up questions about the secrecy maintained around his real estate empire. Trump is the first president in 40 years to refuse to share his tax returns, something that could shed light on his business practices and dealings.

If you would like to read even more check this story out from the Washington Post.

Per email correspondence with Amanda Miller, a spokesman for the Trump organization, “The allegations are without merit.”


Do you agree with Ms. Miller?  Do you think these allegations are void and have no importance?  Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: USA Today


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