Home News Cruz Senate In Jeopardy: Texas Democrat Aims For Cruz’s Senate Seat

Cruz Senate In Jeopardy: Texas Democrat Aims For Cruz’s Senate Seat

Cruz Senate In Jeopardy:  Texas Democrat Aims For Cruz’s Senate Seat

Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) has decided to jump into the Senate race and challenge Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in the 2018 election, as reported by the Houston Chronicle, and to be published by O’Rourke himself on Friday, March 31 from his hometown of El Paso.

A representative since 2013 and former punk-rock band member, O’Rourke will present an interesting contrast to conservative Cruz. Although O’Rourke faces a challenge himself running as a Democrat in a primarily Republican state, he is confident in his decision, saying in an interview a few weeks ago that he was “very moved to do it.”

His “emotional decision” to run resolved him to send a vague email to his supporters telling of a “big announcement,” but he would not go into detail. His decision to run, however, would be no surprise to his followers. He stated in an interview with the Texas Tribune that his chances of running in the election for Senate in 2018 were “very likely.”

The congressman faces possible opposition from Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), who reported that he would make a decision in mid-April on whether or not to take on the challenge of facing Cruz in the next election. O’Rourke stands unaffected by the threat, and he plans on moving forward no matter what.

Castro’s former campaign manager Christian Archer is awed by O’Rourke’s calm confidence in his chances of victory. Archer tells Express-News in an interview that O’Rourke is a “really cool dude,” and that he plans on assisting O’Rourke in his victory:

“There is a level of coolness to him that’s Kennedy-esque. He’s got this aura around him. It’s neat, because he can talk about anything.”

O’Rourke’s spontaneous “bipartisan” road trip with Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas) after his flight was canceled due to weather conditions gained the duo national attention earlier this month. The entire nation seems to be wooed by O’Rourke’s calm demeanor and liberality, as displayed through this 1600-mile trip from Texas to D.C. with a member of the opposing party.


It is unlikely that this year’s Texas Senate race will get resource backing on a national level. Democrats face a tough Senate, defending 25 seats; 10 of which supported Trump in his 2016 presidential election.

Credit: The Hill


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