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REVEALED: More Emails From Hillary’s Server GONE … It’s WORSE Than We Thought!


New WikiLeaks emails are showing a path of deceit Hillary Clinton and her staff followed to avoid the prying eyes of the public and federal law enforcement.

It was a coordinated attempt to outwit investigators into corruption and lies in the Democratic nominee’s campaign. Clinton used one of her staff pawns to execute the plan.

The pawns and Clinton are under new scrutiny with just days before the election finale.

From The Daily Caller:

Newly released WikiLeaks emails provide a new theory — offered by a 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign official — for why Clinton’s private email server technician, Bryan Pagliano, avoided testifying to Congress last year by invoking his Fifth Amendment rights.

“Bryan was the one who retrieved all our emails for Maura to read,” Neera Tanden, Clinton’s 2008 policy director, wrote to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta in a a Sept. 3, 2015 email released on Thursday by WikiLeaks.

“Maybe that is why he’s avoiding testifying,” she added.

News broke that same day that Pagliano, who was the 2008 campaign’s IT director, would take the Fifth instead of testifying in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

It’s unclear who Maura is, according to The Daily Caller. Sources show she is likely Maura Pally, Clinton’s deputy counsel on the failed 2008 campaign who is now vice president of programs at the Clinton Foundation. She avoided comment on the issue.

Who ordered Pagliano to retrieve the emails and why is unclear. He remained employed by Clinton until he took a job at the State Department where he established Clinton’s private server at her New York home.

Multiple interviews by federal investigators and limited immunity for his cooperation produced little help from Pagliano.


In addition to pleading the Fifth during the Benghazi Committee hearing, Pagliano refused to show up to a House committee hearing last month despite being subpoenaed to appear. He also took the Fifth in a deposition with Judicial Watch, the watchdog group that has sued the government over Clinton’s emails.

Pagliano knew what was best for him. He kept his mouth shut knowing the power of the corrupt Clinton political machine. He knew it was best not to turn on the beast because if she’s elected he’ll never see jail time.

If Donald Trump wins, the FBI will be free to investigate to bring the truth to light. Pagliano and the Clinton pawn parade will turn into a cavalcade of witnesses seeking full immunity for testifying.


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