Home News First PHILLY Now HERE! … DEM MACHINE Is Trying To Stop GOPers From Voting! -OMG

First PHILLY Now HERE! … DEM MACHINE Is Trying To Stop GOPers From Voting! -OMG

First PHILLY Now HERE! … DEM MACHINE Is Trying To Stop GOPers From Voting! -OMG

In the final days of this campaign season, supporters of political candidates all over the country have been doing all they could to help get their candidate elected. But some supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton have been going too far.

The Nevada Republican Party told The Daily Caller that police had to be called to one neighborhood after reports of intimidation and illegally removing campaign material were reported. The confrontation occurred as volunteers dropped off literature at homes in support of Nevada Republican Senate candidate Rep. Joe Heck.

“In Reno, Nevada, two volunteers for the Heck campaign were out canvassing and dropping off Joe Heck for Senate literature when they noticed they were being followed by Hillary Clinton campaign workers. The staffers following them were wearing HRC buttons and HRC stickers. Beyond following them, the HRC workers began going up to houses and illegally removing Heck literature from the doors,” a source from the Nevada GOP said.

After the volunteers took a picture of a Clinton supporter removing the literature, more Clinton supporters showed up and continued to follow the Heck volunteers. Feeling threatened, the volunteers called local police. Despite the photo, the Clinton supporters denied any wrongdoing.

Nevada GOP executive director Greg Bailor issued a statement.

“Clearly the Democrats are nervous about their prospect tomorrow and are taking any action possible to try to salvage their chances at the poll tomorrow,” Bailor said.

Bailor also asked that Clinton and her campaign apologize.

The Senate race in the Silver State is tight with Heck battling former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Mastro.


Nevada isn’t the only place were Democratic mischief has been reported. Philadelphia Democrats have reportedly intimated GOP and minority poll watchers from entering polling places.



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