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DAMN: Clinton BOMBSHELL That’ll Cost Her The White House! …. It’s Serious This Time


Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s email practices have been talked about and investigated for months.

You would think that we should know all there is to know by now. But each day we seem to learn more through leaked emails and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Now attention is being directed at Clinton’s lawyers.

“The Obama administration is refusing to shed light on a Jan. 2013 conference call that could shed light on whether Hillary Clinton and her top aides thwarted Freedom of Information Act requests for her emails,” The Daily Caller reported.

Clinton attorney Heather Samuelson reportedly participated in a conference call with two State Department officials about the potential release of information following a FOIA request. The specific request in question was later denied by the State Department. The FOIA request was filed by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) in an attempt to learn more about Clinton’s email practices.

Some have questioned Clinton’s use of a personal email server hypothesizing that it may have been done specifically to avert FOIA requests and to shield Clinton and her allies. Critics have alleged that the State Department “improperly denied several [FOIA] requests” while Clinton was serving as Secretary of State.

Samuelson was the point person in the review of Clinton’s emails sent and received using her private server before they were submitted to the State Department. She was most certainly aware of Clinton’s email practices even while Clinton was serving in the State Department.

Samuelson and the State Department officials she spoke with have refused to comment. The State Department “has refused to ‘speculate’ what was discussed about in the conference call”


This is not the first time that Clinton’s attorneys have been implicated in this way.

“The Wall Street Journal reported last year that [Cheryl] Mills intervened in FOIA requests for documents related to the Keystone XL pipeline, telling State Department officials that she wanted to review the documents before release. As Clinton’s chief of staff, reviewing documents requested under FOIA was not part of Mills’ job description.”


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