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Democrat Comes Clean About the 2nd Amendment

Democrat Comes Clean About the 2nd Amendment

Several days ago, retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens called for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment, and now the chairwoman of the Louisiana Democratic Party is the most high-profile acting Democratic official in the to call for the repeal of the Second Amendment.

Karen Carter Peterson on Tuesday shared Steven’s “New York Times” op-ed in which he said the 2nd Amendment was “now a relic of the 18th century,” and argued for its repeal. 

Because of Peterson’s support of the call to repeal, Louisiana’s incumbent Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards is in a precarious situation. The deep south governor is the south’s lone Democrat in statewide office. He was elected in 2015 partly because he emphasized his pro-2nd Amendment stand. If Edwards hopes to be reelected next year, he will need to continue distinguishing himself as someone who is in some ways opposed to the gun platform in the national Democratic Party. Trump carried his state by over 20 points in the 2016 presidential election. 

After Peterson shared Justice Steven’s op-ed, the Republican Party of Louisiana slammed her on social media for expressing “radical” views on gun policy that are out of the political mainstream. The party urged voters to contact Peterson and let her know that they do not agree with her position.

Louisiana’s Republican Attorney General, Jeff Landy, who has been sited as a potential opponent to Edwards in 2019, told the “Free Beacon” that he found Peterson’s comments “shocking” but symptomatic of a larger problem the Democratic Party has in recognizing the “expression of personal liberty.”

“The core of the Second Amendment is the right to defend one’s self; to remove that right is the first act of tyrants,” Landry said. “It is shocking that today’s liberals do not understand or appreciate the importance of this expression of personal liberty.”

Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-La.), another possible challenger to Edwards, criticized Peterson’s comments saying that the Second Amendment is an inherent right “not to be infringed” upon.

“I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. It is a core right that’s guaranteed to us by the Constitution,” Abraham said. “I am very troubled that the head of the Louisiana Democratic Party would support something as radical as the repeal of this right that so many in our state and nation cherish and exercise lawfully.”

The congressman also said that Peterson’s position poses serious questions about who the Democratic Party actually represents.


“Her statements should make everyone question just who the Democratic Party stands for: average Americans or the extreme left?”

Credit: Free Beacon


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