Home News Democrat Congressman Put’s Trump On Notice

Democrat Congressman Put’s Trump On Notice

Democrat Congressman Put’s Trump On Notice

On Monday Congressman Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) released a statement calling for the impeachment of President Trump. The congressman is stating that if Democrats take the House in 2018 that the President better be ready to be impeached.

Last week Rep. Green called for an investigation into the President actions, and now he is calling for impeachment. The statement released by Green’s office said:

President Trump is not above the law.He has committed an impeachable act and must be charged. To do otherwise would cause some Americans to lose respect for, and obedience to, our societal norms.
President Trump has committed an act for which he should be charged by the U.S. House of Representatives. The act is obstruction of a lawful investigation of the President’s campaign ties to Russian influence in his 2016 Presidential Election. I have said on previous occasions, and do now say again, the President should be impeached. I also say that this can happen with a Republican-controlled House and Senate if the public weighs in by demanding that the Republican President be charged by way of impeachment.”

Other Democratic lawmakers, to include Rep. Maxine Waters have been pushing for impeachment hearings. Many media outlets and some elected Democrats are comparing the firing of Comey to Watergate.


What do you think about this congressman statement? Do you think President Trump has committed a crime? Should we wait and see if the Russian investigation reveals anything? Or is this congressman just wrong?


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