Home Politics Democrats are going “scorched-earth” to “undermine” Trump’s presidency, warns Bill Barr

Democrats are going “scorched-earth” to “undermine” Trump’s presidency, warns Bill Barr

Democrats are going “scorched-earth” to “undermine” Trump’s presidency, warns Bill Barr

Attorney General William Barr accused Democrats of “waging a scorched-earth, no-holds-barred war of resistance” against President Trump in order to “sabotage the functioning of the executive branch.”

The top prosecutor in the nation made the remarks in a speech to conservative lawyers who gathered in Washington, DC, on Friday for a conference.

“In waging a scorched-earth, no-holds-barred war of resistance against this administration, it is the left that is engaged in a systematic shredding of norms and undermining the rule of law,” Barr told guests of the Federalist Society convention in the capital.

Barr was named Attorney General by Trump after the resignation of Jeff Sessions last year. He accused the “resistance” of “dangerous” and “incendiary” language by questioning the legitimacy of the sitting government.

“This is a very dangerous and indeed incendiary notion to import into the politics of a democratic republic,” Barr said.

“The fact is that, yes, while the president has certainly thrown out the traditional beltway playbook and punctilio, he was upfront about what he was going to do and the people decided that he was going to serve as president.”

Barr indicated that the legislative and judicial branches were in the midst of a years-long campaign to chip away at the powers of the executive branch.

“I deeply admire the American presidency as a political and constitutional institution,” Barr said.

“Unfortunately over the past several decades, we have seen a steady encroachment on executive authority by the other branches of the government.”

Barr criticized the “avalanche of subpoenas” as well as Democratic efforts to derail appointments by the Trump administration.

These tactics have had the effect of “incapacitating” the executive branch, Barr said.

“Immediately after President Trump won the election, opponents inaugurated what they called the “resistance” and they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every tool and maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the executive branch and his administration,” the Attorney General said.

“The cost of this constant harassment is real,” he continued.

He also said they “essentially see themselves engaged in a war to cripple by any means necessary.”

Barr said that the use of the term “resistance” to describe opposition to Trump is a problem since it implies that the administration seized power by undemocratic means.


“Now resistance is the language used to describe insurgency against rule imposed by an occupying military power,” Barr said.

“It obviously connotes that the government is not legitimate.”

Written by Rich Stevenson

Credit: Daily Mail


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