Home Politics Democrats cheer as Lindsey Graham takes up John McCain’s final cause

Democrats cheer as Lindsey Graham takes up John McCain’s final cause

Democrats cheer as Lindsey Graham takes up John McCain’s final cause

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, delighted Democrats when he moved forward with the legacy of the late Sen. John McCain of Arizona and put McCain’s name on a bill that target’s foreign election interference, according to The Daily Beast.

Graham, who was a close friend of McCain’s, is sponsoring the same bill that his late friend sponsored in August of last year, prior to his passing due to brain cancer, however, his move has also frustrated many conservatives who believe the bill to infringe on free speech.

While Republicans were accustomed to McCain’s disinterest in the opinion of his fellow GOP party members, Graham is treading in new territory with his departure from his party’s good graces.

Graham has staunchly defended President Donald Trump, something that McCain would likely have cringed at, thanks to the angry exchanges that McCain and Trump often found themselves engaged in. However, according to the Daily Beast, Graham seems to be attempting to keep McCain’s “spirit alive in the Senate.”

“The bill, titled the Honest Ads Act, was introduced in 2017 and proposes new disclosure rules for paid political ads on the internet, requiring those who place ads to reveal to the public who they are, how much they paid, who they were targeting with ads, and more,” the Daily Beast reported.

“It was officially reintroduced on May 9, and aims to ultimately prevent foreign entities from reprising the tactics Russia used in 2016 — deploying fake anonymous accounts to blanket Facebook and other platforms with divisive and inflammatory ads — in order to influence political attitudes in the U.S.”


McCain was previously the bill’s only co-sponsor in the Senate, however, now with Graham’s endorsement and cosponsorship by Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar the bill once again has the coveted bipartisanship seal and the effort could stand a chance to pass the vote.


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