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Democrats Feel That the Field Is ‘Wide Open’

Democrats Feel That the Field Is ‘Wide Open’

Democrats state that they are expecting one of the biggest primary fields in 2020 to take on President Trump. The DNC claims that with Trump’s low approval rating, and his lack of legislative successes the field is ripe for the taking.

As long as Trump is hanging around [with approval ratings] in the 40s, potential challengers will be attracted like moths to a flame,” said David Wade, a Democratic strategist who served as a top aide to former Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) in his 2004 presidential run.

Operatives for the Democrat party also say that the lack of a “whale” candidate will encourage others to run who may have been scared off by a big name. The 2020 cycle will be the first time since John Kerry that someone named Obama or Clinton will run for the Democratic nomination.

Hillary and her team did a good job freezing the field and keeping most other potential candidates at bay,” Democratic strategist Jim Manley, a Clinton surrogate in 2016, said of last year’s cycle.
“The Democratic Party thought they could try and control the process, but I don’t think that’s going to be an option this time around. No one is going to be able to clear the field. There’s nothing anyone can do about it.”
Big names like Bernie Sanders 75, Joe Biden 74 and, Elizabeth Warren 68 are eyeing a run. Also, a Democratic leaning public polling company had favorable numbers for a Sanders or Biden run versus President Trump.
However, other Democrats are looking to jump in to include Kamala Harris (Cal.), Amy Klobuchar (Minn.), Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), and Chris Murphy (Conn.), as well as Govs. Terry McAuliffe (Va.), John Hickenlooper (Colo.), Jay Inslee (Wash.) and Steve Bullock (Mont.). The Hill reports:

Earlier this month, Sanders returned to Iowa for the first time since losing to Clinton in the Democratic caucus there last year to give a keynote address sponsored by the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. He’ll return to the Hawkeye State again next month to promote his book, “Bernie Sanders: Guide to Political Revolution.”
Harris has attempted to expand her presence on the national stage, hobnobbing with the party’s megadonors in the Hamptons while making a name for herself in a string of intelligence hearings.
Warren, a wonk on economic policy, is now a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and recently traveled to Afghanistan — experiences that would boost her foreign policy credentials.
Biden will embark this fall on a 19-city book tour, which one former adviser said will be “a barometer” for a 2020 run.
Some of Biden’s supporters think a large pool could help the former vice president if he chooses to run. “Absent an Obama-level talent to break through the rank of newbies, [he] would be the only one with a pretty comfortable 20-30 percent that knows him and feels really positive about him, which is a great asset in a big, big field,” a former adviser to Biden said.

Of course, Democrats have work to do but as one Democrat operative said:
“At least for now, the more, the merrier. We need to have a serious competition for ideas.”

Source: Newsmax


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