Home News Democrats Are Posed To Make A Major Run At This Key Republican

Democrats Are Posed To Make A Major Run At This Key Republican

Democrats Are Posed To Make A Major Run At This Key Republican
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., listens as Treasury Secretary Jack Lew defends President Barack Obama's new budget proposals, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015. Rep. Ryan, who agrees with Obama on extending the earned income tax credit to more workers without children, says he hopes that lawmakers and the administration could agree on ways to finance expanding the EITC. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ former campaign substitute has recently declared that he is readying himself to challenge House Speaker Paul Ryan for the Wisconsin House seat. Ryan has held a Senate seat since 1998, but with his uncomfortable tie to President Trump, the Democrats think they will have a streak of wins going into the 2018 midterm elections.

Randy Bryce is a local labor activist but its not deterring him from the attempt of taking Ryan’s chair. Bryce spoke to the Wall Street Journal saying:

“They’re handcuffed together. People are having buyer’s remorse and they’re seeing what’s going on. Trump made a lot of promises that I can see why working people would support, but now they’re waking up.”

An overthrow by a Democrat will prove difficult at the very least. According to The Hill, Ryan has “only received less than 60 percent of the vote in his district, and his post as the third-highest-ranking Republican in the country is attractive to constituents.” To make the steal even harder, Trump won Wisconsin by over 10 percent of Clinton.

But the Democrats aren’t stupid, according to the Wall Street Journal, Bryce has brought on Bill Hyers who has a successful resume of campaigns for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. But the party is still lacking necessary funding that would critically boost their attempts.

Public Policy Polling is a Democratic polling firm that recently conducted a survey that revealed 46 percent of voters would cast ballots to re-elect Ryan. Though the inquiry was carried out by Democrats and is likely biased, it wouldn’t surprise anyone of Ryan’s lack of support since his close alignment with Trump has put many on edge.

What do you think about Ryan losing his seat? Do you think it’s time for him to get out of the way? Let us know in the comments below!


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