Home News Democrats Viciously Troll Ivanka Over A Tweet

Democrats Viciously Troll Ivanka Over A Tweet

Democrats Viciously Troll Ivanka Over A Tweet

First Daughter and presidential adviser, Ivanka Trump, used Twitter on Monday to promote an initiative by New World Bank that focuses on empowering women entrepreneurs. She linked a video (watch it below) to her tweet showcasing her involvement in establishing the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi). Ivanka tweeted: “Proud to announce @WorldBank is operational! Let’s break down barriers & empower women entrepreneurs to succeed in the modern economy.”

A large number of Twitter followers responded to the tweet by challenging her father’s past degradation of women. There was a stream of replies that called her timing “ironic.” One tweet referenced a report that the women in Indonesia who make her luxury clothing line are so poorly paid, they can’t even live with their children.

Here are some of the negative responses:

You can watch the link below, let us know if you think Ivanka is being treated fairly or unfairly.

Credit: Huffington Post


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