Home News Deputy AG Makes Announcement Concerning Special Prosecutor

Deputy AG Makes Announcement Concerning Special Prosecutor

Deputy AG Makes Announcement Concerning Special Prosecutor

Late Friday night US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has announced that he does not see the need to assign a special prosecutor for the Russian meddling probe.

Many Democratic congressional lawmakers have called for a special prosecutor, and since the firing of James Comey, their calls have intensified. CNN reports:

One source says Rosenstein isn’t inclined to make a change unless the FBI investigation appears to be imperiled. And at this point, FBI officials are confident that the investigation is moving ahead, despite Comey’s abrupt firing earlier this week.
Indeed, Rosenstein has privately vowed to lawmakers and staff that he plans to allow the bureau’s investigation to move forward, uninhibited by pressures from the White House.
At a closed-door meeting Thursday with the two leaders of the Senate intelligence committee, Rosenstein and Boente laid out how the FBI plans to work with the panel, trying to ensure its investigation doesn’t conflict with that of the committee as administration officials and lawmakers interview witnesses and obtain documents on their parallel investigations.
The deputy attorney general also believes that there’s nothing he has seen at this point that would require him to recuse himself from the role overseeing the probe led by Boente, the people familiar with his thinking say. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was involved in firing Comey, recused himself from any role in the investigation in early March.

Senate Democrats have stated that if a special prosecutor is not appointed than the Trump Administration may have serious trouble confirming a new FBI director. Senator Mark Warner, the minority leader on the intelligence panel, said:

“If he doesn’t do that (appoint a special prosecutor), then I think it’s going to be very difficult to solicit a lot of support from Democrats … in terms of whoever the President picks to be a permanent FBI director,”

It appears the battle lines are being drawn and the Democrats will not support the President’s nominee unless a special prosecutor is assigned. For the sake of optics this will look great the Democratic party is “resisting” a corrupt President. However, due to the fact that the Republicans control the Senate, their actions would be more symbolic and it will play to the Republican base as well because the Right is shoving to the Democrats. Where does that leave us? In a another partisian mess.

Do you think the Russian probe needs a special prosecutor?


Source: CNN


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