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After Dispute the Secret Service Pulls Office

After Dispute the Secret Service Pulls Office

There is now space available in the NYC Trump Tower. The Secret Service packed up their command post and moved out of the posh high rise and into a trailer on a Manhattan sidewalk.

The move came due to a dispute between President Donald Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, and the U.S. government, according to the Washington Post on Thursday. The story cited two people familiar with the discussions who relayed that the dispute involved multiple elements of the lease including the price.

The Secret Service is charged with protecting the first family. They housed supervisors and backup agents in Trump Tower, one floor below the first family’s private residence. Trump Organization spokesperson Amanda Miller told The Post that last month a “mutual” decision was made to have the federal agency find space elsewhere.

“It would be more cost effective and logistically practical,” Miller said according to The Post. Some speculated that the Secret Service had been holding out for a better deal from the president’s company.

The president has not returned to Trump Tower in New York City since he was inaugurated, and the First Lady and their teenage son Barron moved into the White House in June.

Trump took criticism for having the Secret Service rent space from his private company. Questions were raised of a potential conflict of interests because a Trump-connected business was potentially benefitting from a lucrative government contract.

Something that just occurred to me as well. In the day and age of smart phone and wireless internet, why does the Secret Service need a headquarters at Trump Tower? I find it hard to believe that the Secret Service doesn’t have a building in New York City that
So now the Secret Service moved from a tower to a trailer. Was this a good move?

Credit: Business Insider


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