Home News Disrespectful or Nice Gesture: President Trump Sneaks Up To Saluting Marine

Disrespectful or Nice Gesture: President Trump Sneaks Up To Saluting Marine

Disrespectful or Nice Gesture:  President Trump Sneaks Up To Saluting Marine

President Trump has long been known for his humor, but a recent action at the White House has many questioning if his humor borders disrespect. In a photo captured by Kevin Lamarque of Reuters, President Donald Trump appears to be patting the back of a Marine standing at attention. An Associated Press reporter caught everything with his camera.

Daily Mail reports that the Marine had just finished opening the doors of the limousine that the Argentine President Mauricio Macri and his wife were leaving in. As the foreign president drove off, President Trump gave his wife a warm embrace, then reached for the Marine.

Credit: Reuters

During the Argentine President’s visit, Trump enthusiastically said, “we’re going to be great friends, better than ever before.” Macri and Trump have been friends since Trump’s business days but during this meeting, Macri really stressed his desire for U.S.-Argentine relations to blossom.

The conversation took a quick turn when Argentine journalists brought up the topic of lemons. According to Daily Mail, the Trump administration recently postponed a decision that affected the import of lemons:

“The Trump administration recently postponed a decision by former President Barack Obama to lift a 16-year ban on imports of Argentine lemons, stalling the return of imports from one of the world’s top producers of the citrus fruit.”

Macri’s time at the White House included personal time with his friend President Trump as well as sit downs to help strengthen relations between the two countries. The president’s covered topics such as trade, security, and even the disaster situation in Venezuela.

Credit: Associate Press

During their session, Trump stated “it’s very sad to see what’s happening” in Venezuela. Daily Mail reports socialism has wreaked havoc on the country as President Nicolas Maduro created “triple-digit inflammation, hours-long lines to get food, shortages of medical supplies and a rise in crime.”


Despite what many were concerned with during his campaign, Trump has excelled in meeting with foreign counterparts. In fact, he takes great care and respect in building relationships with those of other countries. Now, hopefully, he can maintain those relationships to grow America.

Credit: Daily Mail


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