Home News WHOA: Another MASSIVE Donald Trump Promise REVEALED… This Would Be YUGE!

WHOA: Another MASSIVE Donald Trump Promise REVEALED… This Would Be YUGE!


Like all candidates, President-elect Trump made many promises on the campaign trail. He promised to negotiate better trade deals for America.

He promised to take a strong stand on illegal immigration, build a wall along the US-Mexico border and claimed that Mexico will pay for it. The Business Insider reminded readers on Wednesday of another of Trump’s promises.

“As far as a salary is concerned, I won’t even take one dollar. I am totally giving up my salary if I become President,” Trump told Twitter during a September 2015 question-and-answer session. Look here:

Trump, a billionaire businessman, certainly does not need the money. In fact, Politico states that Trump “will be the richest individual – by far – ever to occupy the Oval Office.”

It remains to be seen if he will, in fact, follow through on this promise in part or in full. The presidency includes a $400,000 annual salary as well as “free lodging, an expense account, a travel budget, a presidential retreat at Camp David and the use of Air Force One.”


CBS News discussed the issues surrounding Trump’s role as a businessman. He has repeatedly said that, if elected president, he would completely disassociate himself with his business and leave it in the hands of his children. There is a precedent for not accepting a presidential salary. Both John F. Kennedy and Herbert Hoover both reportedly donated their salaries to charity.

Trump had also vowed to self-fund the majority of his campaign. Critics widely chastised him for going back on that vow after receiving the Republican party nomination in July of 2016. After the party’s convention, Trump did begin to raise money for both his campaign and for the Republican National Committee.


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