Home News Donald Trump WON The Presidency … LOOK Where He’s Going Next! -WHOA

Donald Trump WON The Presidency … LOOK Where He’s Going Next! -WHOA

Donald Trump WON The Presidency … LOOK Where He’s Going Next! -WHOA

There are many honors that come with being President of the United States. There’s the being the leader of the free world, the White House and having influence on countless issues.

But President-elect Trump probably didn’t consider this one during the election.

Walt Disney World announced Wednesday that they plan to add the 45th President of the United States to their famed Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom. The attraction is a favorite for parents, longing to sit in the air conditioning and pretend they are doing something educational for their children while at the park. But if you look more closely, the Magic Kingdom Hall of Presidents is truly remarkable.

The Hall of Presidents includes life-sized, animatronic figures of every president in United States history. As expected, some presidents take a more prominent role in the story of our country and our leaders. Throughout the years, the Hall of Presidents shows have highlighted historic events in our country’s past as well as contributions of specific presidents and the unique challenges that some of them faced during their time in office.

It is unclear at this point whether or not the President Trump figure will have a speaking part. Former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all currently have speaking parts with actual audio of the men embedded. The Walt Disney World News announcement opened the door to the possibility that Trump’s likeness may not include a speaking part.

Visitors to the Magic Kingdom can view the current show entitled “A Celebration of Liberty’s Leaders” until January 17. The attraction will then close for six months to add President Trump and to redesign the show.





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