Home News Donald Trump Won A HISTORIC Victory … Look How The LOSERS Reacted!

Donald Trump Won A HISTORIC Victory … Look How The LOSERS Reacted!


As supporters of President-elect Donald Trump celebrated his victory on Tuesday and into the early morning hours, his opponents took to the streets in protest.

Trump’s election sparked protests Wednesday in cities and on college campuses including UCLA, USC, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, Cal State LA and UC San Diego.

“The demonstrations reflected sadness, anger and bursts of rage. Crowds openly disavowed the president-elect, and a few resorted to vandalism,” The Los Angeles Times reported.

At one point, a Trump piñata was set ablaze. One protestor told the Times that she joined in the protest “to give hugs to people who were overcome by devastation.”

Protests were not limited to the Los Angeles area. At Berkeley High School, reports indicate that half of the students attending the school on Wednesday walked out of classes in protest. Many tweeted “#NotMyPresident.” The Oakland Tribune offices had windows smashed in. Windows were also broken at nearby businesses. Other protesters “burned Trump in effigy.” One public transit station was forced to close due to the protests. Smaller protests were also held in Portland and Seattle with protesters blocking streets and lighting dumpsters on fire.


So far, only one injury has been reported. A woman suffered “major injuries” after being struck by an SUV in downtown San Francisco as protests erupted there. No arrests have been reported.


A smaller number of Trump supporters showed up at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They cheered, posed for pictures and expressed their hopes that Trump would bring jobs back to the country.



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