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Double-take: Hillary emerges as favorite candidate in new poll of Democrat voters

Double-take: Hillary emerges as favorite candidate in new poll of Democrat voters

With the upcoming presidential election less than one year away, many questions still surround the Democratic Party and its political strategies leading up to what is sure to be a riotous partisan showdown against President Trump. But much of that would-be speculation hinges on one simple, obvious question: Who will represent the Democratic Party against the Republican incumbent and his massive war chest?

For the most part, conventional wisdom has maintained that former Vice President will be the nominee. While that could still be regarded as a safe bet, to some, Biden’s persistent gaffes and perceived scandals surrounding his son suggest to some that he would be too vulnerable in a face-off with President Trump. Liberal commentator Bill Maher was perhaps the most direct of those doubting Biden’s odds in a general election, saying: “I’ve always said, I like Joe. He’s never been my favorite. But if he’s the guy to beat Trump, I was like, let’s not kill him. Because if he’s the one — but I must say, my confidence that he can beat Trump is waning. He looks like a depreciating stock to me.”

Another sign that some view Biden as too weak to challenge President Trump was the late entry of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg into the Democratic field of candidates. While Bloomberg forgoes the early primary states in lieu of a Super Tuesday-centric strategy, new polling data suggests potentially bad news for Joe “No Malarkey” Biden.

As reported in the New York Post, The Center for American Political Studies at Harvard released the findings of its online poll of 1,859 Democrat voters, revealing Hillary Clinton to be the favorite candidate when included as a possible choice. At 21% of the vote, Clinton held a slim edge over Biden (20%), followed by Bernie Sanders (12), Elizabeth Warren (9%), and Bloomberg (7%).

When the poll’s researchers also excluded Clinton as a potential choice, respondents followed a similar pattern, favoring Biden (29%), then Sanders (16%), followed by Warren (13%).

While intra-party fighting is far from unique to Democrats, and primary battles always prove contentious, the polling does reveal some likely apprehension among voters when it comes to Biden’s ability to defeat the president. In a recent interview with Howard Stern, Clinton downplayed fractions in the party, assuring listeners that she would support the Democratic nominee, though she refrained from making an endorsement.

So who will represent the Democratic Party against President Trump? Before that question is answered, perhaps the more pertinent query is: Will Hillary Clinton throw her hat in the ring for a third time?

Sources: New York Post, Harvard-Harris, Newsweek, ABC

Written by Red Blue Divide editorial staff.


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