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Ecstatic Might Be An Understatement: Poland Reacts To Trump’s Visit

Ecstatic Might Be An Understatement: Poland Reacts To Trump’s Visit

Poland is overjoyed that President Trump is visiting their country first when he makes his way to the Group of 20 Summit this week in Germany. “We have a new success, Trump’s visit,” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the head of the governing party and Poland’s true power broker, said in a speech last week. He said that Trump’s visit to Poland is making other European countries “envy” Poland.
He may not have his hand on the pulse of other European countries like Germany and Britain. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has already said that she expects her time with Trump to be difficult. And British citizens have threatened to amass the largest protest in the countri history if Trump makes an official visit.
Critics view Trump’s visit to Poland as an endorsement of a government that has been criticized by its European Union partners for moves to co-opt the news media, any political opponents and even the courts. And some fear that the visit will further widen the gap between East and West in the European Union.
President Trump will deliver what the White House is describing as a major speech in the Warsaw square which was the epicenter of the Warsaw uprising during World War II. “He will praise Polish courage throughout history’s darkest hour, and celebrate Poland’s emergence as a European power,” Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, Mr. Trump’s national security adviser, said. “He will lay out a vision, not only for America’s future relationship with Europe, but the future of our trans-Atlantic alliance and what that means for American security and American prosperity,” General McMaster noted.
Marcin Matczak, a law professor at the University of Warsaw, said, “This government (Polands) hates anything they don’t have full control over. Don’t you think Trump would like the power to control the courts when it is blocking his immigration moves?”
It’s been easy for some to draw an inference regarding Polands recent moves in their government and what they think Trump would like to do in America.
What do you think about Trump’s decision to visit Poland first?
Credit: New York Times


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