Home News With Election Day Looming, Dems Feel Uneasy Over Tightening Race

With Election Day Looming, Dems Feel Uneasy Over Tightening Race

With Election Day Looming, Dems Feel Uneasy Over Tightening Race

A virtual tie in nationwide polling between the two leading nominees for president has one party cringing and the other stepping up the pace in the final stretch before election day.

Voter tracking polls show Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump tied in national polls while Trump continues to gain ground in polls among battleground states.

The news has Democrats anxious, and feebly optimistic for their candidate.

Republicans see the swing in voter polls as a sign the tide is shifting for Trump to win.

From The Hill:

An ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll sent waves through Democratic ranks on Tuesday morning, when it found GOP nominee Donald Trump leading Democrat Hillary Clinton by a single percentage point among likely voters.

The poll also found that “strong enthusiasm” for Clinton had eroded by 7 points in recent days.

Many contribute that erosion to public shock over a renewed FBI investigation into emails possibly associated with Clinton’s private computer server.

The FBI’s news has given a new spring to the step of Republicans, many of whom were resigned to a Trump defeat that might cost them the Senate majority just a week ago.

Clinton and Democrats dug in to defend their campaign and the corruption erupting each day from Clinton’s operations. Leaks of emails attributed to Clinton and her supporters have been released almost daily by WikiLeaks.

“At a minimum, it has put Hillary back on defense for the closing 10 days of the race, and that’s hugely significant,” said GOP strategist and Hill contributor Matt Mackowiak. “It has also brought back all these questions about Hillary’s trustworthiness and honesty. … I didn’t think the race was competitive on Thursday, and now I do.”

Trump and his surrogates know the election isn’t over as they sense an opportunity to gain ground crisscrossing key states in the final days.

Clinton remains the favorite to win the White House in most polling averages and predictive models, but there is little doubt that Trump has narrowed the gap. Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight website now gives the GOP nominee around a 30 percent chance of prevailing in its “polls-plus” projection, up from a recent low of 14.7 percent on Oct. 17.

In the RealClearPolitics national polling average, Clinton’s lead stood at 2.2 percent on Tuesday afternoon, down from more than 7 points on Oct. 18.

Robert Shrum, a Democratic strategist who has worked for several presidential nominees, believes the last few days could be a wild ride and cautioned Democrats.


“The days right before an election are like the re-entry of spacecraft,” he said. “We just don’t know what is going to happen.”

This election has been far from normal in any account with Trump incinerating the status quo like a bra-burning liberal at a political rally. Shock value has found its way into every voting home in America.

Renewed optimism in the Trump camp may propel the candidate to high-sky elation Tuesday as he rides his campaign re-entry to a successful bid for the presidency.


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