Home News Emotions Get The Better Of Senator Warren…. A Must See

Emotions Get The Better Of Senator Warren…. A Must See

Emotions Get The Better Of Senator Warren…. A Must See

Sen. Warren had a meltdown yesterday at the confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos who is the nominee for the Department of Education. This week emotions are running high in the Democratic Party. After all, Democrats are saying goodbye to President Obama, upset that Donald Trump will be President, and seem helpless to stop any Trump cabinet nominees. At the end of the confirmation hearing, DeVos thanked and shook the hands of the Senator’s as they were leaving. As Senator Warren passed DeVos she waived her off and refused to shake her hand.

Watch the video below:

During an interview the former baseball player Curt Schilling who is thinking of challenging Warren for her senate seat said:

“I don’t mind that she got paid an extraordinary amount of money to teach one class at Harvard. I don’t mind that she lives in a huge home and she’s very wealthy. I love that stuff. That’s success. What I do mind is, like every other liberal I know who gets there, is they talk down on the system that got them there.”

“She lambasted the chairman of Wells Fargo and that was it. She didn’t do anything. She talked really tough on TV and walked away. They didn’t punish anyone and he walks away with a nine-figure settlement,” he said.

Worse he said, “She backed the party that rigged the election against Bernie Sanders. The (DNC) rigged the election so Hillary could win.”

Curt Schilling has a great point, maybe Senator Warren is upset because she chose the wrong candidate and was responsible for Clinton’s nomination. What worries me is we have a new administration coming in tomorrow and it looks like politics as usual. You don’t have to love everyone on your team, but nothing gets done if you can’t work together.


Source: Boston Herald, Free Beacon


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