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EPA Claims AP Has It All Wrong

EPA Claims AP Has It All Wrong

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not sitting back when it is being criticized. The EPA defended themselves vehemently after an Associated Press writer wrote negatively about the agency’s work in Texas following Hurricane Harvey. They said that the story created “panic” and “politicizes” the work of the first responders.

The AP writer reported that the EPA had not done on-the-ground inspections of some Houston-area Superfund sites after flooding. The official EPA statement called the report “an incredibly misleading story about toxic land sites that are underwater.”

The reporter “had the audacity to imply that agencies aren’t being responsive to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey,” the agency said. “Not only is this inaccurate, but it creates panic and politicizes the hard work of first responders who are actually in the effected areas,” the statement continued.

Superfunds are areas that have pollution from hazardous materials and will require extensive cleanup. The Houston metro area includes more than 12 Superfund sites, and are known to be some of the most contaminated places in America.

The EPA maintains, contrary to the AP story, that it had conducted initial assessments at 41 Superfund sites using “aerial images.” They also have been in contact with those responsible for the cleanup activities. In total, 13 Superfund sites have been affected by the flooding and have faced damage from the storm, according to the EPA.

Do you believe that the EPA has done what it is obligated to do? What to you think about the AP writer’s criticism?

Credit: The Hill


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