Home News The EPA Requests A Budget Boosts Due to A Alarming Reason

The EPA Requests A Budget Boosts Due to A Alarming Reason

The EPA Requests A Budget Boosts Due to A Alarming Reason

The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is apparently getting more threats against him than other people who led the agency in the past. Security expenses at the EPA have increased to “an unprecedented level,” according to a report by CNN.

The EPA added security personnel for their administrator, Scott Pruitt, because of the increased threat level. The total cost for the personnel will total $2 million alone, according to the news network.

A spokesperson for the EPA declined to comment when questioned about the increased costs.

“We decline to comment on security measures taken months ago to protect the administrator,” Liz Bowman told CNN. However, CNN reports:

The EPA’s inspector general’s office, which investigates threats, says Pruitt has received more death threats than any of his predecessors. The office has launched more than 70 investigations into threats against Pruitt and others, the agency said.
“We have at least four times — four to five times the number of threats against Mr. Pruitt than we had against Ms. McCarthy,” said assistant inspector general Patrick Sullivan, referring to Gina McCarthy, who held the post under President Barack Obama.
“The EPA is a lightning rod. We get threats from both sides of the spectrum,” Sullivan added. “Some people believe the EPA is not doing enough to enforce environmental laws, and they’re upset about that. Other people think the EPA is doing too much, vis-à-vis enforcing environmental laws and they’re upset about that.”

In the Washington Post last month, it was reported that the federal agency was placing EPA law enforcement officers on Pruitt’s protective duty and removing them from other work.

Credit: The Hill | CNN


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