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An EX-POTUS Was PREDICTING A President Trump 20 Years Ago … This Is EPIC!


With the election over, and President Elect Trump preparing to take the oath of office, it’s time to look back to history to see if there was any indication that a Trump presidency would actually happen.

You won’t believe just who predicted this unprecedented election: Richard Nixon.

That’s right, Richard Nixon. Well actually it was Mrs. Nixon who urged her husband to write Donald Trump after she had seen him on the Donahue show. The Political Insider published a letter predicting that whenever Trump decided to run for office, he would win. Check it out:

The Political Insider
The Political Insider

Trump made this letter a part of the release for his book Never Enough, Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success.

Breitbart provides more context:

As Republican nominee, Nixon won the 1968 largely on the back of a campaign targeting middle-class Americans who felt the Kennedy and Johnson administrations had allowed the government to descend into chaos, particularly in the context of the rudderless Vietnam war. These voters he dubbed the “Silent Majority” in a 1969 speech. Trump’s campaign echoed many of the sentiments of that election, down to using the term to refer to those whose livelihoods were threatened or eliminated entirely by the growing global economy.

Not only did Nixon predict this, but we learn the Ronald Reagan himself had wanted Trump to run for office and expressed it to him in a letter in the 1980’s. The Political Insider also points out that Ivana Trump may have been the reason the businessman didn’t run sooner.

She says:

So he was thinking about it. But then … there was the divorce, there was the scandal, and American Women loved me and hated him … so there was no way that he would go into [politics] that that point.

But now he has, and after a historic victory, both Nixon and Reagan would be pleased.






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