Home News ‘Fast and Furious’ just came back to haunt Eric Holder

‘Fast and Furious’ just came back to haunt Eric Holder

‘Fast and Furious’ just came back to haunt Eric Holder

Conservative commentator and author Katie Pavlich told Fox Nation’s Abby Hornacek on Sunday that a new documentary is bringing to light the facts in one of the deadliest controversies of the past decade, The Fast and the Furious scandal.

Pavlich his hosting an original documentary, “Outgunned: The Fast and Furious Scandal,” which takes a look inside the government-run operation that armed criminals in the Phoenix, Arizona area who eventually transported those firearms to Mexico.

The original plan, which took place during the Obama administration with the oversight of the ATF, was to track the firearms in hopes of stopping criminal activity, however, according to Fox News Insider, the agency lost more than 1,400 of the 2,000 guns that they allowed firearms smugglers to buy.

Two of those guns were found at the scene of a 2010 shootout between a drug smuggler and Border Patrol agents which lead to the death of Agent Brian Terry.

The program, which garnered national attention after its deadly outcome, was put former Attorney General Eric Holder in the hot seat.

“When it comes to the role of the federal government sanctioning a program where they purposely allowed thousands of guns to be put into the hands of the most violent criminals — narco-terrorists in North America — there hasn’t been a lot of accountability for that,” Pavlich said.

During the documentary, Pavlich will also detail the investigations following that operation, which resulted in Holder being found in contempt of Congress.

“When you ask the question about whether American citizens are unable to go to certain parts of Arizona … that seems like it’s a problem, when it’s too dangerous because of cartel activity,” she said.


One of the suspects in Terry’s murder was extradited to the United States from Mexico last summer, according to Fox News, and the investigation is ongoing.

Pavlich’s documentary, “Outgunned” is due for release on Feb 14.


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