Home News Father of Manchester Terrorist Ramadan Abedi Speaks Out After Detention

Father of Manchester Terrorist Ramadan Abedi Speaks Out After Detention

Father of Manchester Terrorist Ramadan Abedi Speaks Out After Detention

Father of Manchester Terrorist Ramadan Abedi has spoken out after detention in Lybia.

As Actions are being taken in the investigation of the recent bombing in Manchester forces detain Ramadan Abedi, the father of the Manchester attacker.

On Wednesday afternoon, an eyewitness reported, men with weapons handcuffed and drove away from the terrorist’s father in two unidentified vehicles. A counter-terrorism spokesman indicated that events of the arrest took place outside the suspect’s home in Ayn Zara, a suburb of the Libyan capital of Tripoli.

The suicide bomber Salman Abedi’s brothers have also been taken into custody. The entire family is suspected of having dangerous, extremist views, and possibly even forming another terrorist plot together. In response to questions about his son in an interview, Abedi father claimed:

“We don’t believe in killing innocents. This is not us.”

The original suicide attacker Salman Abedi killed 22 innocent concert-goers and injured over a hundred more outside the Manchester Arena on Monday night. Since that time, counter-terrorist forces have worked quickly to expose details on the operation and bring justice to a devastated people.


Investigators have uncovered evidence that would indicate otherwise. The Abedi family, as well as several other suspects in connection with the attack, have been detained. At least eight people that we know of have been arrested during the investigation, and more arrests are expected as time progresses.


Since the father’s release, he made a statement CBS News is reporting:

The father of the 22-year-old Briton who police say bombed a concert in Manchester was detained for interrogations Wednesday in the city of Tripoli.

Ramadan Abedi, 51, earlier spoke to The Associated Press by phone and insisted that his son, Salman, was innocent and just had been preparing to go on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. He said the last time they spoke was five days before his trip.

“Last time I spoke to him, he sounded normal. There was nothing worrying at all until two days ago (when) I heard the news that they suspect he was the bomber,” Abedi, the father of six children, said.
Abedi says Salman visited Libya a month and a half ago and only returned to Manchester after winning a cheap ticket to Umrah. He said Salman, who was in his second year of studying economics, was planning to return to Libya to spend the holy month of Ramadan with the family. He denied that his son had ever been to Syria.

Abedi confirmed his other son, Ismail, was arrested Tuesday around Manchester by British authorities in the concert attack probe.

“We don’t believe in killing innocents. This is not us,” the senior Abedi said. “We aren’t the ones who blow up ourselves among innocents. We go to mosques. We recite Quran, but not that.”

Credit: CBS News| Breitbart


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