Home National News FBI Agent Breaks From Country, Marries ISIS Terrorist She Investigated

FBI Agent Breaks From Country, Marries ISIS Terrorist She Investigated

FBI Agent Breaks From Country, Marries ISIS Terrorist She Investigated

In a modern-day plot twist, a member of the FBI eloped with an ISIS terrorist in Syria. The translator Daniela Greene reportedly bore false witness about her whereabouts when she snuck off to Syria in 2014 to marry “ISIS’s Celebrity Cheerleader.”

Federal court records stated that Greene was assigned to investigate her new husband, but she chose to instead warn him about the charges he faced. However, the Justice Department seemed to grant her special favor by encouraging the judge to reduce her sentence. Complete details are still kept secret, but something was definitely fishy.

Greene’s hubby, also known in Germany as the popular rapper Deso Dogg, turned to ISIS in 2012 and received his name Abu Talha al-Almani. The FBI, however, knows him by his birth name Denis Cuspert. He is a prominent member of the US terror blacklist for his ties with ISIS. According to CNN, he unashamedly flaunts his allegiance to the entity:

“He praised Osama bin Laden in a song, threatened former President Barack Obama with a throat-cutting gesture and appeared in propaganda videos, including one in which he was holding a freshly severed human head.”

Greene turned herself into authorities just a few weeks after her honeymoon and suffered only a couple of years in prison. Officials appear to have great compassion on her, and she received a lighter sentence for cooperating so willingly. According to her lawyer Shawn Moore, she was “genuinely remorseful” for her actions:

“She was just a well-meaning person that got up in something way over her head.”

Moore also described her as “smart, articulate, and obviously naïve.” Many e-mails were uncovered from her time in Syria as she expressed her doubts to an unknown recipient. In them, she stated that she was aware of her wrongdoing and wished she “could turn back time.” She seemed scared of the “harsh environment” that she jumped into, and longed to leave:

“I was weak and didn’t know how to handle anything anymore. I really made a mess of things this time.”

Originally born in Czechoslovakia, Greene grew up in Germany, fell in love with a US soldier, then relocated to the United States. Nicknamed Dani and deemed a “really hard worker” by her former professor at Clemson University, nothing would indicate that she ever intended to find herself so closely involved with international terrorism.

She even showed allegiance to her new country and joined the FBI as a German translator, enduring what CNN called a “grueling application and vetting process” to join the force.

Her quiet past and good reputation create a stark contrast with Cuspert’s provocative and violent character. He bears tattoos that declare him as a “STR8 THUG,” has a background in martial arts, and carries a long record of crime in his home country. It was a near-death experience in 2009 that converted him to Islam and drove him to give up his rap career.

Since then, he has displayed violence and cruelty all over social media, openly appearing in videos that support his terrorist affiliation. Cuspert was portrayed attacking a dead body with a sandal in a video from an ISIS takeover in 2014.

Since the uncovering of her case files that made her info public in 2015, Greene has declined giving details about her case in order to protect her family. After her release from prison in August of 2016, she started a new, quiet life as a hostess at a hotel lounge, and her whereabouts have been kept secret.


Although she is charged with greatly endangering national security and lying to the FBI, she can be admired for her repentant heart. The prosecutor for her case Thomas Gillice stated:

“After the egregious abuse of her position, the defendant attempted to right her wrongs, and to ultimately assist her country again.”

Sources may never know exactly why the former FBI translator did what she did, but her response and regret indicate that she simply fell into a mistake that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Credit: CNN


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