Home News FBI Drops BOMBSHELL On Hillary’s Server … She Compromised National Security!

FBI Drops BOMBSHELL On Hillary’s Server … She Compromised National Security!

FBI Drops BOMBSHELL On Hillary’s Server … She Compromised National Security!

New information is revealing to voters now just how insecurely national secrets were kept by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. It is alarming to think of the consequences of those secrets getting into the hands for foreign governments.

Now we’ve learned that they already have.

FBI sources “intimate” with the ongoing investigations of Clinton and those close to her shared with Fox News anchor Bret Baier that they are 99 percent certain that the email server was hacked “by at least five different foreign intelligence agencies, and they believe things have been taken from that.”

If we know of five, there is certainly the possibility of more that we don’t yet know about. FBI Director James Comey said as much last July when he carefully laid out the case against Clinton before announcing his decision to close the initial investigation. He asserted that many hacks do not leave direct evidence.

The reopening of the investigation into Clinton’s private email server has sparked a firestorm with less than a week until election day. One question that has been left largely unanswered is why Clinton set up and used the private server in the first place. She has indicated that it was merely for convenience.

Sources close to the FBI investigation have revealed that the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, including pay-to-play schemes granting access to then Secretary of State Clinton in return for hefty donations to the Foundation, has been going on for well over a year. This has sparked renewed speculation that the reason Clinton set up the private email server was to hide specific communications from federal scrutiny.

“It was always about the carelessness and hubris of one of the highest officials in the U.S. government to set up an unsecured private email server with the intention of maintaining a shroud of secrecy and shirking public accountability,” the Independent Journal Review  reported.

Leaked emails released by WikiLeaks continue to show a strong link and the sharing of information between the Clinton campaign, the Clinton Foundation, the State Department and the Justice Department.






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