Home News FBI Said They WON’T Charge Hillary … Then Trey Gowdy BRINGS THE HEAT!

FBI Said They WON’T Charge Hillary … Then Trey Gowdy BRINGS THE HEAT!

FBI Said They WON’T Charge Hillary … Then Trey Gowdy BRINGS THE HEAT!

With less than two weeks left in one of the most contentious election seasons in history, the news from FBI Director James Comey that the investigation into the email practices of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton rocked the world.

Comey sent another letter to Congress informing them that his department had reviewed the new material which prompted the reopened investigation and that their conclusions remain the same as they were when the case was initially closed in July.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-SC, appeared on Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File Sunday. Host Megyn Kelly asked for Gowdy’s reaction to Comey’s new letter.

Well, I’ve kind of focused on the similar wording in his letter which is the word ‘conclusions’ plural, not singular, plural. He had a lot of conclusions in July including that she was extremely careless in the way she handled classified information, she didn’t turn over all of her work email, and she both sent and received information including that which was marked classified. So there were myriad conclusions he reached in July, and I think his use of the word conclusions today, plural, was important.

So does this close the book on any possible charges or indictments against Clinton?

“I don’t think so Megyn,” Gowdy answered. “The book is closed based on what they know now, but you know, ten days ago we didn’t know that Huma Abedin had failed to turn over all of her devices. Investigations are never over unless at statute of limitations has expired or unless jeopardy is attached. So this investigation is over based on what they know. But they don’t know what they don’t know.”

It should be noted that additional investigations remain ongoing including investigations into the Clinton Foundation and several key people close to Clinton.

Gowdy stressed that if this is the “closing argument” for Clinton’s presidential campaign, then they have big problems. No doubt, Clinton did not want to still be talking about scandals on the eve of Election Day.

The Clinton campaign has suggested that Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation may have hurt her chances for victory, primarily with independent and undecided voters. The RealClearPolitics average of polls showed Clinton up by nearly five points on October 28. Her lead today is just over 3.2 percent today.

“Most of what she has said on the email issue has been demonstrably false,” said Gowdy. This problem is with Clinton not Comey.


Watch Gowdy’s segment with Kelly here:



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