Home Uncategorized Fed up: Trump is done negotiating with California – report

Fed up: Trump is done negotiating with California – report

Fed up: Trump is done negotiating with California – report

The Trump administration is poised to roll back yet another Obama era California rule that would put mile per gallon restrictions on vehicles bought by California residents.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reported that in 2012, Obama administration officials mandated that by 2025 all vehicles would need to average 50 miles per gallon, as part of their climate change agenda.

Federal officials along with the California Air Resources Board met to attempt to compromise between the Obama administration rule, and what the current administration’s goal of freezing the standards where they stand at 37 miles per gallon.

“The freeze would prevent about 1,000 traffic fatalities a year and save $500 billion in societal costs, according to EPA and DOT estimates,” the Daily Caller reported. “That proposal also laid the groundwork for EPA to revoke California’s ability to set its own tailpipe standards for carbon dioxide emissions.”

According to the Trump administration, the rule was causing a safety issue, because residents were driving older, less safe cars thanks to a rise in the price of new cars the Daily Caller reported.

California’s Air Resources Board acknowledged in a statement that they had reached an impasse with federal officials, Bloomberg.

“The administration broke off communications before Christmas and never responded to our suggested areas of compromise — or offered any compromise proposal at all,” CARB spokesman Stanley Young said in an email.


“We concluded at that point that they were never serious about negotiating, and their public comments about California since they seem to underscore that point.”

While the timing of the disagreement seems coincidental due to other disputes between the current administration and the state of California, a source told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the battle over the emissions rule is totally unrelated to the dispute over the border wall and border wall and high-speed rail funding.


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