Home News WHOA: Clintons Hit With BOMBSHELL On Election Day … This Could End Them!

WHOA: Clintons Hit With BOMBSHELL On Election Day … This Could End Them!


You won’t likely see this one on the mainstream media.

Teneo Securities, a consulting firm with long and close connections to the Clinton campaign and the Clinton Foundation has been fined by the government. Teneo was censured and fined $17,500 for “failing to properly handle electronic communications,” The Daily Caller reported.

Teneo was founded by Doug Band, an aide to former President Bill Clinton, and Declan Kelly, a former Clinton campaign financier. Former President Bill Clinton served as an honorary chairman of Teneo in 2011. He had the potential to earn $3.5 million but failed to do so after controversy surrounding the company and potential conflicts of interest erupted.

A report from the Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA) states that Teneo inappropriately managed and audited its electronic correspondence. T

he company “failed to provide its third-party consultant, which is unnamed in the FINRA report, with access to its electronic communications from Aug. 2013 through Sept. 2014,” The Daily Caller reported. By failing to do so, Teneo “failed to ensure that any contemporaneous review of electronic communications was conducted during this time period.” Such a review is required by law for companies involved in securities trading.


Teneo has also come under scrutiny for potential conflicts of interest arising from the founders’ other work. Based on the data from this report, Kelly worked for both Teneo and the State Department at the same time. WikiLeaks emails about an alleged pay-to-play scheme have shown that “Band regularly sought favors and access to Clinton and the State Department on behalf of firms that paid Teneo for consulting work.”


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