Home News Fighting Back: Democrats Unveil Tenants For US Trade

Fighting Back: Democrats Unveil Tenants For US Trade

Fighting Back: Democrats Unveil Tenants For US Trade

While the Republicans try to figure out which way is up and how to get along the Democrat party love them or hate them is on the move.
On Wednesday Senator Chuck Schumer along with members of the Senate unveiled seven tenants for US trade. Schumer said, “The problem is President Trump has talked a good game and done virtually nothing on trade except study it, he even backed off on steel and aluminum” something that is very important for states of those leaders, Schumer told reporters during a press conference on Capitol Hill. We need action,” he said.“If President Trump wants to work with us to get these things done, good, we need a better deal for American workers, period.”
According to The Hill:

Trade has been viewed as an area where congressional Democrats and Trump may be able to work together.
But any cooperation on that front has largely fallen by the wayside as Trump has publicly slammed Democrats for failing to help push his agenda through Congress.
Still, Schumer said he welcomed help from Republicans as Democrats plan to roll out a series of bills in September aimed at chipping away at their trade agenda.
“We need to revamp our trade laws from top to bottom,” he said.
On Wednesday, Schumer railed against China’s practices, arguing that trade policies must be put in place that stop Chinese companies from taking over vital American industries such as robotics, semiconductors and Hollywood move production. 

“It’s all over,” Schumer said. “We’ve got to stop it.”
“They do not play by the rules,” Schumer said of China.
The Democratic agenda calls for the creation of the American Jobs Security Council that would evaluate and block, if necessary, the sale of a U.S. company to a foreign entity, notably China, if it is determined it hurts economic security and could lead to the theft of American intellectual property.
“China has made a profession of doing this,” Schumer said. “We’re not going to let them do it anymore.”

Do you agree with the Democrats new trade policy? Would you support these measures? Do you think the President will work with them?

Source: The Hill


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