Home News First Domino Falls As Bolton Begins His Clean Up

First Domino Falls As Bolton Begins His Clean Up

First Domino Falls As Bolton Begins His Clean Up

John Bolton is just in his second day on the job as National Security Advisor, but he is already leaving his mark. Tom Bossert became the latest top aide to leave the Trump administration; he left at the urging of Bolton according to Bloomberg News. Bolton is making moves to install his people on the White House security team.

“The President is grateful for Tom’s commitment to the safety and security of our great country,” said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“Tom led the White House’s efforts to protect the homeland from terrorist threats, strengthen our cyber defenses, and respond to an unprecedented series of natural disasters. President Trump thanks him for his patriotic service and wishes him well,” she added.

This last Friday was former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster’s last day on the job. Bolton is widely expected to bring in many people loyal to him and the president, and also people who support what some call Bolton’s “hawkish” positions on Iran and North Korea.

On Sunday, NSC spokesman Michael Anton announced his resignation, another indication that Bolton is making sweeping staff changes.

The president is hinting at some significant policy changes, saying the U.S. would soon pull out troops from Syria and announcing a plan to send thousands of national guard troops to the southern border. He is also contemplating the possibility of a response to a believed chemical weapons attack in Syria. And just six weeks ago, he penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that made a legal case for the right to strike first at North Korea.


Are these changes good or bad? 

Credit: Daily Mail


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