Home News Florida Prosecutors Let Bannon Off the Hook

Florida Prosecutors Let Bannon Off the Hook

Florida Prosecutors Let Bannon Off the Hook

Steve Bannon, a White House senior advisor, is off the hook as far as possible charges related to his registration to vote in the city of Miami, Florida. The criticism came after investigators found that he was registered in Florida and New York State.

Due to a lack of evidence to prove that Bannon had committed a crime, potential charges against him were dropped. The possible charges against Bannon stemmed from his 2014 registration to vote in Miami-Dade County after having established a primary residence in Coconut Grove neighborhood in Miami.

The investigation was launched in an effort to discover if Bannon had falsified his residence on a voter registration form, an act considered to be a felony. However, the investigation was unable to produce enough evidence to prove what Bannon’s intentions were concerning the matter.

Additional information concerning the case was not immediately available from Bannon’s attorneys. Prosecutors say there wasn’t enough proof to say that Bannon intended to live in the State of Flordia.

With the drama in the Senate over the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch and the continuing investigation into Russian collusion, the President just escaped a possibly embarrassing situation.


Credit: WTSP


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