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Flynn Busted! This Wasn’t the First Time!

Flynn Busted! This Wasn’t the First Time!

More drama inside the White House this week and the press has their teeth out. Yesterday evening, President Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was forced to resign. Here is the timeline for what and how it happened.

On November 18 President-elect Trump appointed Flynn as his national security advisor.
On December 29th after the fallout from the DNC email hack, the Obama administration announced sanctions against Russia.
On January 12th Flynn engaged in a conversation with Sergey Kislyak over the phone. What Flynn didn’t know was that the FBI was already investigating him and they were listening to the phone call.
On January 15th the Trump Administration defends Flynn and sends out VP Mike Pence to defend him.
On January 23rd the FBI and CIA intercept several phone calls between Flynn and Russia and now become concerned that Flynn maybe being bribed. It was reported that Secretary Yates met with CIA Director John Brennan (Trump appointed official) and gave the ok for her to notify the White House. At that point, acting Attorney General Sally Yates reports directly to the President that Flynn may have been compromised by the Russia’s.
On February 10th Flynn’s aide said that Flynn may or may not have spoken about sanctions with Kislyak. It was also reported that Steve Bannon requested and was making demands inside the Administration for Flynn to resign.
On February 13th Flynn resigns admitting that he had “inadvertently briefed VP Pence with incomplete information” better said he lied.

This is not the first time Flynn has been investigated for contacting Russia. The Army has been investigating Flynn to see if he took money from the Russian government during a trip to Moscow in 2015, however to date no evidence has been found.

It appears that even inside the Administration there was speculation that Flynn may be involved in nefarious activity with Russia. It also seems that Flynn may have had a long relationship with Russia that has yet to be discovered. This isn’t going to be the last we hear about Flynn and more and more info may be coming out soon.


Source: CNN


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