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Flynn Wants To Testify For Immunity

Flynn Wants To Testify For Immunity

On Thursday evening it was reported that former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn is willing to testify in exchange for immunity. NBC News reports:

Flynn’s lawyer. Robert Kelner. confirmed in a statement that discussions had taken place with the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, and said “General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it.

Kelner said, however, that “out of respect” for the committees, he and his client would not be commenting on the details of their discussions with the committees.
Kelner then accused the media of being “awash with unfounded allegations, outrageous claims of treason, and vicious innuendo.”
“No reasonable person, who has the benefit of advice from counsel, would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized, witch hunt environment without assurance against unfair prosecution.”
Here is the full letter from Flynn’s lawyer and the response from the President:

Why do you think Flynn is going to testify? Do you think he’s going there to grandstand for Trump? Or do you think he will testify to give up the President?


Source: NBC News


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