Home Politics For McConnell and the GOP It’s All About the ‘Skinny’

For McConnell and the GOP It’s All About the ‘Skinny’

For McConnell and the GOP It’s All About the ‘Skinny’

Much to the dismay of the majority of conservatives, the Affordable Care Act has yet to be repealed despite several promises to do so. Instead, the Senate is in a fight to find anything, even something minor, to get the health care bill changed.According to ABC News, the next step for the Republican officials is to create a smaller bill that will get rid of small aspects of the health care bill.

The new idea is being called the “skinny” repeal and would only repeal the individual and employer laws in the bill. It will also repeal mandates in the medical device tax. Without the full repeal, this “skinny” repeal will leave major laws intact including the expansion of Medicaid and subsidies for individuals buying their choice of insurance.

Unfortunately, this “skinny” repeal hasn’t found any particular language or ground to start yet. Sen. John Thune, a member of Senate GOP leadership, recently stated the following regarding getting a new bill on the table:

“We’re going to figure out from our members what the traffic will bear in terms of getting as much of the Obamacare repeal and other elements into a bill that gets 50 votes.”

Other Senators such as Sen. Ron Johnson have stated they would vote for a “skinny” type bill if it kept things moving:

“We’ll keep the process going. If we’ve got to do something less than obviously, I’d want to keep the process going, we’ll do it.”

Other Senators such as Lindsey Graham said he wouldn’t support any bill that does not also create a replacement option. He also stated that they are working together to find the best possible way to succeed:

“We’re trying to find those things that we can agree upon. The main thing to me is a vehicle to do something bigger.”

As it stands, many people pay the penalty tax because they opt out of insurance plans. That decision often cheaper than several of the plans. If this penalty is completely pulled, the country may see a dip in coverage as people stop worrying about it all together.

If the GOP can successfully give a small and limited repeal, they could essentially create a hold giving them more time to pass a more detailed bill in the future.

What do you think about pushing a “skinny” repeal instead of doing something different? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: ABC News


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