Home National News France Wants To Elect A Former US President…They Really Do!

France Wants To Elect A Former US President…They Really Do!

France Wants To Elect A Former US President…They Really Do!

The posters are real and they are indeed being placed all over France. But can Obama actually become president in another country? No.

Organizers of Obama17 are a guerrilla campaign that is attempting to get former president Obama to make his way to Paris. “it’s totally crazy,” a campaign organizer told CNN about the posters. “but the cool thing is that once you get past that, you start thinking that maybe it’s possible. Who cares that he’s not French? He’s Barack Obama.”

But regardless of whether the goal is possible or not, it’s not stopping this campaign. A website has already been set up and 500 posters have been added to Paris just this past week. The information comes from Antoine, a campaign organizer. The group hopes to get 1 million people to sign a petition asking Obama to run.

While the attempt to get Obama to run is a joke, Antoine says the meaning behind the campaign is serious:

“We want to show that people are fed up with the politicians here. People are tired about it and they like this joke. It gives people a little fun amid all these scandals.”

The voting in France will take place on April 23rd and runs slightly different than America. If no candidate gets more than 50% of the votes, the top two contenders will go to runoff on May 7th. It is possible they get Obama in as a joke, just like Harambe was added in the American elections. However, it will be caught quickly and die.

If this joke does continue, it’s going to make worldwide attention. For those who like Obama, they get to see him one more time! And for those who don’t like him, well he gets to leave the country.


Credit: CNN


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