Home News GOP Establishment Is Freaking Out Over Alabama Run-Off Next Week

GOP Establishment Is Freaking Out Over Alabama Run-Off Next Week

GOP Establishment Is Freaking Out Over Alabama Run-Off Next Week

The Republican establishment in Washington is worried about Trump’s endorsement of conservative, grassroots politicians like Roy Moore, the former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his fellow establishment Republicans challenged President Donald Trump to campaign for Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) instead of Moore. They are reportedly afraid that if Moore wins, more candidates like him will choose to run and those with influence in D.C. will lose their place.

There is a runoff in Alabama on Tuesday and Moore has led in every poll leading up to it. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka will campaign for Moore on Thursday. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will campaign for Strange on Friday and Monday, as well.

According to the Washington Post, Trump’s own advisers “were deeply divided on whether” Trump “should risk jetting to Alabama to prop up” Strange. So McConnell and his gang began “an intense behind-the-scenes campaign to convince Trump that he could carry Strange across the finish line with an appearance in Alabama.”

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was reportedly hesitant about sending Trump to Alabama because he thought Trump might waste his political capital. But Senate GOP leaders were “unwilling to let the president turn his attention elsewhere” because they worried that a Strange loss “could prompt some GOP senators to retire to avoid facing the wrath of anti-establishment voters and the likes of Bannon’s Breitbart News,” according to the Post’s Bob Costa. This is the first of what might be many battles between Trump’s influence and the influence of his former adviser Bannon with Breitbart News.

“Alabama sent Donald Trump to the White House. It all started in Alabama when Jeff Sessions joined Donald Trump at a rally in Mobile in 2015 and said, ‘Welcome to my hometown.’ Now Alabama has a chance to send a wake-up call back to Washington and say to President Trump, ‘It’s time to right the ship,’” a Bannon associate told U.S. News.

Do you think Trump should support Sen. Luther Strange, or should he support Roy Moore?

Credit: Politico | Breitbart News


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